Call for Conferences

Call for Conference Publishing

We are inviting proposals for Conference Publication from higher education institutions, departments and scholarly societies. We promise to offer highly innovative ways of publishing conference proceedings following the international norms. However, we want to publish only bona fide conferences organized solely for the purpose of advancing researches.


  • English Literature and Language
  • New Literatures in English
  • Digital Humanities: Arts, Literature and the Digital Media
  • Cultural Studies
  • Interdisciplinary Studies in Humanities
  • Performance Studies
  • Gender Studies: critical discussion, case study, survey.
  • Aesthetic Studies: critical discussion, case study, computational analysis
  • Environmental Studies and the theories of Evolution
  • Animal Studies: Ethics, Aesthetics, Sports, Civilization and Biodiversity
  • Visual Arts (including photography)


  • Proceedings can be published either as a Special Issue or Conference Issue, which will be guest-edited by person/s designated by the conference organizers. The organizers will bear the responsibility of peer-review. However, we will cross-check for plagiarism and monitor quality at the last level of review.
  • Each item will be assigned DOI.

Commercial Conference organizers are advised not to contact us, for we will not publish bogus conference proceedings.

No Publishing Fee:

We will publish conference proceeding for free now.

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